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Sleep Royale pocket 4000

  • Model : sleep-royale-pocket-4000
  • Height (cm) : 32
  • Width (cm) : 150
  • Depth (cm) : 190
  • Price : €1
  • Sale Price : €990

Sleep Royale pocket 4000 is determined to increase your sleeping comfort with the new mattresses. 2018 marks the launch of its luxurious, premium mattresses, designed using the most naturally durable cushioning materials available, the new Pocket 4000 offers the perfect blend of plushness, heat diffusion, comfort and support for the ultimate in healthy and restorative sleep.

Hand crafted using the highest quality fabrics, materials and workmanship; the Sleep Royal pocket 400 mattress offers health-conscious consumers a cooler, cleaner, healthier and more comfortable sleep experience. Each mattress features a luxuriously soft knit fabric, natural white fibre fillings, high density foam and is expertly hand-tufted for 21st century comfort.

The multi-count Posture Zone Pocket Springs provide the greatest amount of support to main pressure points, like the hips, back and shoulders.